North Rocky Mount Church of God: A History of Fellowship and Discipleship

North Rocky Mount Church of God

North Rocky Mount Church of God operates in the Miscellaneous Denomination Church business / industry. North Rocky Mount Church of God is located in Rocky Mount, NC.

Rev. R. P. Pell served Louisburg and Rocky Mount preaching at both on alternate Sundays, he also engaged in Evangelistic work. He was a devout man exerting a strong religious influence upon the members of the Church.


In l921 a group of Saint James members sensed the need for Christian fellowship in the northern part of the city. They encouraged some of their brothers and sisters to join them in starting a church there. They financed the building of a two-story church, which opened its doors in 1928. An annex was later built to extend the worship area of the original church.

The pastor, Dr. William Dennis Morton, endeared himself to the people of this town, civic as well as ecclesiastical. His influence was felt in town affairs and his visiting program was very effective. There was never a larger concourse or more floral offerings in the history of this Church when his funeral service was held.

The church was a member of the Baptist Convention in the early days. However, the members of this church by a strong majority, elected to practice democratic congregational church polity and withdraw from the Convention because of its creeping theological liberalism and definite doctrinal deviations.

Sunday School

The Church of God believes that Sunday School is an important part of worship and discipleship. Students of all ages meet each week for lessons and discussions that are centered on the Bible. The children’s class is led by Mr. Zach and Mrs. Jill Perdue, who encourage discussion and help the kids become more familiar with their Bibles. They also do crafts that amplify the morning’s lesson. The Branches are a group of adults of all ages who discuss and engage with lessons that vary from Biblical takes on current topics to word studies and videos. This group is led by Ms. Tammy Burdick.

Every month the men of the church host Sonshine Cafe, a free breakfast for everyone in the church and community, that includes pancakes, sausage and eggs. This is held on the first Saturday of every month from 7:30AM to 9:30AM in the Fellowship Hall. This is a great way to connect with other members of the congregation.


Several different types of discipleship are offered at north rocky mount church of god, including youth ministry, bible study and children’s Sunday school classes. The church also offers a variety of fellowship opportunities, such as the Christian Women’s Council and Young Women’s Christian Council.

The Church of God in Christ is governed by the general assembly and a national board of trustees. The general assembly is made up of all jurisdictional and auxiliary bishops, the president of the ministerial union, four district missionaries and one representative from each state. The national board of trustees is responsible for interpreting the polity and practices of the church.

Reverend Shelton C Daniel was called to ministry in 1993 and has planted churches in eastern North Carolina. He focuses on restoring the whole man through his teachings. He is a member of the Greater Joy Baptist Church of Rocky Mount and serves as president of the Eastern North Carolina Ministerial Alliance.

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