Gun Show Extravaganza: Everything for Adventurers, Enthusiasts, and Collectors

Rocky Mountain Gun Show

Rocky Mountain Gun Show offers something for every adventurer, gun enthusiast, and hunter. Experience one of the largest gun shows in the beehive state. This unique event will feature a wide variety of products from firearms and outdoor equipment to antiques and collector’s items.

During a Colorado legislature committee hearing, RMGO representative Kevin Lorusso’s testimony devolved into racial charges and references to the Holocaust. He also referred to motor vehicle deaths as the leading cause of death in the U.S.


The rocky mountain gun show offers a wide variety of firearms and accessories, including ammo, reloading equipment, knife collector items, safes, wild game jerky, and more. It also features training seminars and classes. It also offers a range of personal protection items, including stun guns and pepper spray.

DENVER — Just hours after it took effect, Colorado’s new minimum three-day waiting period for gun purchases was already facing legal challenges. On Sunday, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners refiled a federal lawsuit seeking to overturn the law, arguing that it violates the Second Amendment rights of purchasers.

The gun rights group has filed a federal lawsuit against Superior over its gun laws, which prohibit the sale of assault weapons, high-capacity ammunition magazines, and trigger activators. The suit argues that the town’s regulations exceed Colorado state law and infringe on the group’s First Amendment rights. The town defended its decisions, saying they were based on safety concerns.


In addition to firearms, gun shows offer a wide range of knives. Some of the most popular brands include Benchmade, Kershaw, Cold Steel, and Emerson. Many dealers specialize in a specific brand or type of knife, and others sell all types of knives. In addition to the standard production knives, some dealers also carry fixed blade custom knives.

The biggest draw for many visitors at a rocky mountain gun show is the chance to fondle knives. While this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the opportunity to try out a variety of knives in one place can be very appealing to those interested in purchasing a new knife.

Rocky Mountain gun shows offer something for every outdoor adventurer, hunter and gun enthusiast. These events feature a large selection of rifles, pistols, scopes, ammunition, gun cases, hunting supplies and accessories, collector items, and even wild game jerky. It’s easy to see why so many people visit these shows each year.

Outdoor Equipment

The rocky mountain gun show is more than just guns. It also offers a wide variety of outdoor equipment and accessories, such as fishing boats and RVs, hunting gear, archery, and more. Additionally, the show features country concerts, celebrity appearances, seminars and other fun activities. The event also offers food and entertainment for the entire family.

Winchester’s budget-friendly XPR won’t win any beauty contests, but it’s pure utilitarian workhorse, offered in a slew of cartridges and at a price that makes it a dependable option for any hunter. It won’t lighten any backpack sheep hunter’s load, but it is one of the best rifles for the money on the market. Tyler Freel is a staff writer for Outdoor Life who covers everything from backpack sheep hunting adventure stories to DIY tips.

Antiques & Collectibles

Whether you are looking for modern or antique firearms, coins, knives, hunting gear, or a variety of other collectible items, the Rocky Mountain gun show has it all. In fact, the best part about this show is that it’s not just for gun enthusiasts – it offers something for everyone! Just make sure to bring plenty of cash, because the vendors here aren’t cheap.

As a result, it’s important to be prepared when you go shopping at a gun show. You can prepare for this by making a list of the things you want to buy and the prices you’re willing to pay for them. Then, compare that list with the prices at various booths to find the best deals.

The first gun show of the year at the county-owned Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy went off without a hitch despite a new rule requiring background checks on all sales. Organizers said the new requirement didn’t deter buyers or cause any problems.

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