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RMT Drill Bits – The Rocky Mountain Twist

Founded in 2001, RMT designs, engineers and manufactures high-performance industrial cutting tools and power tool accessories. The company is committed to employee development, a culture of innovation and the utilization of state-of-the-art technology. RMT is located in Ronan, Montana.

Rocky Mountain Twist warrants its products against defects in workmanship and materials for life. This does not cover normal wear and tear or damage caused by misuse.

High Performance Drill Bits

Getting a great set of metal drill bits is important for any homeowner. Whether you’re drilling into wood, plastic, or thin sheet metal like drywall and light switch boxes, the right bits will ensure a clean, fast hole. Several factors influence a bit’s performance including point angle, longevity, and rate of penetration (ROP).

The most common type of twist bit is black oxide coated HSS. This coating reduces friction between the bit and workpiece for faster holes with less heat. Black oxide can cut through wood and softer metal, but it won’t last long enough to bore into more difficult materials such as cast iron or stainless steel.

For these more challenging applications, consider a titanium nitride coated HSS. This durable material extends the life of the bit and is strong enough to bore through concrete. It’s also easier to sharpen than a standard bit because it doesn’t have the traditional helix. It also grips the chuck tighter to avoid overheating and bending.

Custom Drill Bits

Drilling holes is a necessary skill that every fleet garage or heavy-duty repair shop needs to master. Bad holes can lead to accidents, injuries and downtime. Choosing the right drill bit is important.

Choosing the right drill bit can help you save time, money and reduce downtime. The right drill bit can be the difference between a smooth job and a frustrating one.

Schlumberger PDC bits deliver optimum performance in transitional formations. PDC bits with patented technologies such as CounterForce combat drilling dysfunction caused by systemic lateral vibration to improve ROP and decrease costs per foot. Pegasus Series bits are designed to improve well integrity and increase drilling rates. Prism shaped cutter technology delivers peak penetration rates in ductile and hard abrasive formations with increased durability.

PDC bits with the ION(tm) cutting structure provide optimal drilling performance in challenging formations. ION bits are engineered with advanced materials to improve reliability and stability in transitional drilling conditions.

Power Tool Accessories

Whether it’s an extended drill bit reach or industrial-strength nut setters, power tool accessories are designed to help you do more with your tools. Shop online for bit extensions, auger bits that bore holes into bulkheads and timber, or screwdriver bits that deliver performance in high torque applications.

The global power tool accessories market is dominated by a few major vendors. These include Stanley Black & Decker, Bosch, and TTI. These vendors have a strong presence across the North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe regions.

However, retailers report suppressed category margins when relying solely on these vendors to deliver an effective PTA merchandising strategy. As a result, many choose to seek and stock alternatives to the PTAs offered by these well-known brands. These alternative products often offer the same technical specifications at a lower price. Many also feature enhanced features, like extended warranties or battery life. These additional product attributes can help you differentiate your products and attract new customers.

Montana Brand Tools

The early settlers of Montana needed a strong will, resilient character and great determination to tame the rugged terrain and adapt to it’s dramatic climate. That spirit of Made in USA pride and craftsmanship live on today in the way that Montana Brand tools are designed, engineered and manufactured.

Their innovative power tool accessories are a perfect fit for do-it-yourself projects, and professional construction jobs. The Quick Change Connector allows you to easily switch between screw bits and drill bits without ever having to unchuck your drill. They also make creative tools like their plug cutters that turn any countersunk bolt/screw into a plug so you don’t have to take off the head to fill the hole.

These power tool accessories are precision machined utilizing state-of-the-art CNC machining equipment and the highest quality, globally sourced materials available. The titanium coating prevents wear and corrosion, allows increased drilling speeds in metal, and provides premium performance. They also offer a cryogenic treatment process that decreases tool failure and increases strength, life, and rust resistance.

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Rocky Mountain Reaper: A Full-Suspension Mountain Bike for Young Shredders

Rocky Mountain Kids Bike Review

If you’re looking to get your kid into mountain biking, the first step is buying a good kids mountain bike. This will help them get comfortable on the trails and build their confidence when riding technical features.

Rocky Mountain’s Reaper is a legit full-suspension mountain bike built for pint-sized shredders. It comes in 24 and 26-inch wheels, and has real all-mountain geometry to shred the rocky trails Hurricane is famous for.


For kids who want to ride like the pros they see on TV, Rocky Mountain has a full-suspension bike made just for them. It’s called the Reaper and is available in 24-, 26-, and 27.5-inch-wheel sizes. It’s equipped with a RockShox fork and rear shock to handle serious all-mountain shredding.

The Reaper also has a proprietary RIDE-9 frame adjustment system and a suspension package that’s geared to the needs of youth riders. This means that it can easily be adapted to a younger or older rider, which makes it a great choice for families with multiple children.

Kids bikes should have a low standover height, which is the distance from the ground to the top tube of the frame. This ensures that your child can straddle the bike and reach the pedals comfortably. The crankarms should be short so that your child can use them comfortably. They should also be able to reach the shifters without having to extend their arms.


Rocky Mountain kids bikes feature a lightweight frame with proper geometry for smaller riders. This is a key factor for young children to feel confident on the bike and enables them to get more out of it. A low standover height and short reach help the kids to feel comfortable. This is a good thing because they will have more fun and can learn how to ride faster.

A rigid fork on this kids bike is a smart choice because it will save weight and money over a suspension fork. A rigid fork is also less maintenance-intensive than a suspension fork and will not require frequent service.

Another great thing about this kid’s mountain bike is that it features an interlocking clip system for maximum security. This feature will increase the safety of your child, especially if they are riding on steep trails. Rocky Mountain has also included a quick-release axle for the front wheel and a seatpost collar for easy adjustments.


Rocky Mountain’s kids bikes offer a great opportunity for young riders to experience the fun of mountain biking. They feature a tough and lightweight aluminum frame paired with a 50mm Suntour suspension fork, an internally geared hub with 8 speeds, and grippy Kenda MTB tires. The frame includes junior-sized contact points for a comfortable fit, and the front axle and seatpost collar have quick releases for easy adjustments.

Until recently, most kids mountain bikes were basic hardtails with low-end components. However, more and more brands are offering high-performance full-suspension mountain bikes specifically designed for kids. Rocky Mountain’s Reaper line is a great example of this trend. This fully capable mountain bike is available in 24-inch and 26-inch wheel versions. The Reaper features a RockShox Monarch R air rear shock with 130mm of travel and a RockShox Raidon air fork with 120mm of travel. The Reaper also features a proprietary RIDE-9 system for geometry adjustment. This allows for suspension progression as the rider grows.


Buying a kids mountain bike is not cheap but the quality of components can make a big difference in your child’s enjoyment and ability. The Frog bikes are a great example of this – they’re a UK brand (shippable to the US) that makes high-quality, kid-sized mountain bikes with Tektro disc brakes and Vee Tire Co tires.

In recent years, smaller brands have filled the void of high-performance kids bikes. Rocky Mountain has now joined the party with their Reaper line of full suspension bikes that feature great spec for younger riders.

There are three frame sizes to choose from and the Reaper is compatible with both 24 and 27.5 wheel size frames. It’s an ideal kids mountain bike for groms who want to shred the trails like the pros they look up to.

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